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Velvet Booties & More Are Here Just In Time For Spring!

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If you are one to keep up with the Naughty Monkey Footwear blog, it’s likely that you are more than familiar with the many new styles we have released over the last year. One of the collections we find ourselves unable to stop talking about is our velvet-fly collection. In the past, we have talked about the adorable Butterfly loafers and the chic Dragonfly Velvet Slip-ons, but now there is a new shoe that may just steal the spotlight from this already-amazing collection. We are, of course, talking about the brand new Superfly Booties in Velvet. With the same intricate design as the slip-ons and loafers but far more coverage, these shoes will be perfect for that intermittent period between winter and spring. Let’s talk about some of the outfits you can wear these great booties with to get the most of them.

Superfly Booties in Burgundy

If you have a pair of fabulous black skinny jeans that you cannot stop wearing under any circumstances, these burgundy booties are perfect for pairing. When you add a tan or emerald green blouse to the ensemble, you are sure to be turning heads everywhere you go. This outfit is absolutely perfect for wearing to the office on a slow-moving Monday or to a late night dinner in a dimly-lit restaurant with your favorite gal pals.

Superfly Booties in Black

The black version of these booties are best paired with your favorite pencil skirt. We know, you often find yourself questioning whether or not booties can be worn with skirts. Believe us when we tell you that they absolutely can and once you begin wearing this combination, you may not be able to stop. Tuck in your favorite graphic t shirt and head out the door to your go-to bar or that musical you have been aiming to see for weeks.

Superfly Booties in Grey

What woman doesn’t love dressing up a pair of their favorite leggings? We love the idea of these grey booties being put together with the piece of your wardrobe that simply does not get enough credit where credit is due. Not only can you be comfortable sporting these stretchy lifesavers, but you will surely get compliments for how well you look. This will be especially rewarding when you get to reply, “Oh, I was running late. I just threw this on.” Believe us, you will surely be the fashion envy of all your girlfriends.

BONUS: New Ms. Kali Clog

For those who are ready to retire their booties as winter comes to a close, we also have a new arrival that may be more up your alley. The new Ms. Kali Clog is simple, elegant with just a touch of western casual flair. So whether you are going on a weekend road trip or checking out a local honky tonk, you can be sure your feet will look and feel amazing. Start shopping these new arrivals and much more when you explore the Naughty Monkey Footwear women’s styles today!