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It’s Sandal Season Once Again At Naughty Monkey

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It wouldn’t surprise us to learn that you have spent the last few months curled up in your favorite sweatpants on the couch beneath several blankets, a good amount of Netflix shows and movies watched all the way through. After all, winter is the time of year when nothing seems to be more important that staying warm and cozy as much as you possibly can. It is often that we speak to our customers, who all winter neglected purchasing shoes for their wardrobe during the dreary winter, are looking forward to spring immensely. This has to do with everyone’s absolute favorite type of shoes returning to our store. That’s right, we’re talking about sandals. The very best sandal styles you will find anywhere on the internet can be found in the Naughty Monkey online store. Don’t believe us? Continue reading below to uncover just a few of the many styles we are raving about right now at Naughty Monkey!

Fun & Funky

Are you a free spirit who likes to show your whimsy through your wardrobe? If so, you are sure to fall in love with the Adriana Gladiator Sandals in Tan. These shoes give a whole new meaning to ‘bright and bold’. Sporting delicate beading, vibrant embroidery, and mini poms, all in colorful hues, these sandals will stop people in their tracks, having them asking where in the world you bought such adorable shoes. Perfect for Saturdays on the lake or on your way to the airport, you can be sure you will be fashionable and comfortable all day long when you wear this unique ladies shoes.

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Classic & Simple

If you’re a sucker for regular summer sandals that can go with every outfit you own, then the In Luck Now Sandals in Tan are the right choice for you. Available in black and cream as well, these double buckle sandals will pair perfectly with your high-waisted shorts or a flowy sundress. The braided leather straps also give a bit of a bohemian feel which means you can wear these sandals to a baby shower or music festival. Whatever plans you have for this summer, you can be sure you will be packing these sandals to make the trip with you.

Just A Touch of Flirty

Do you love rocking a tiny wedge while you are out and about on the town? Whether it’s an outing to a casual brunch in the city or a Sunday spent exploring at your local Farmer’s Market, the Sasha Samba Sandals in Black will set you apart in a crowd. With intricate embellishments and a small 2.5 inch heel, those around you will not be able to peel their eyes from your incredible style and undeniable charisma when your sporting this unique footwear. These sandals are also available in white and multi-colored variants as well.

Jingle All The Way

Sure, it might be spring but there’s something appealing all year long about wearing shoes that jingle just a tiny bit as you are strutting your stuff around town. Turn heads in your favorite local coffee shop or boutique when you sport our Brave Heart Sandals in Pewter. With rhinestone embellishments and metal coin accents, you will be the star of the show and everyone else’s go-to for fashion advice once they see you in this footwear.

It’s Time To Pack Up Your Boots

It’s officially the season of the sandal, so what are you waiting for? At Naughty Monkey Footwear, we have plenty of sandal styles available to you. So even if you didn’t fall in love with any of the styles we mentioned above, there is surely something in our online collection that will speak to you. Start shopping women’s summer sandals today and begin building your summer wardrobe.

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