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Really Wow Him This Valentine’s Day With The Right Shoes

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you are in a relationship, this means you likely are starting to think about the night of romance that is in store for you. Valentine’s Day is fun because it gives you a reason to spend time with that special someone and celebrate just how much they mean to you. Not to mention, we aren’t exactly opposed to receiving flowers and chocolate.

One of the biggest struggles women face on this holiday, however, is figuring out exactly what they should wear. After all, depending on the location of your romantic date, you may not need to go all out, but you still want to cause his jaw to drop when you walk in the room. Keeping this in mind, we thought you might want a little bit of advice from the footwear experts at Naughty Monkey. Let’s talk about the many options you have for looking incredible this Valentine’s Day based upon where you will be spending it.

Dinner At A Fancy Restaurant

If your sweetheart is taking you out to a high-brow location this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to want to go all out when it comes to your look. We are a fan of sticking with the classics in a situation like this, which is why we would suggest going out and purchasing a little black dress that you can pair with some of our pumps. The perfect shoe for the occasion? Our Girls Best Fringe Pump in Taupe. These open toed booties are fun, flirty and sure to make your legs look extra long. Put on some dark red lipstick and your favorite pair of earring to complete the ensemble.

Hitting Your Favorite Dive

If you and your sweetie aren’t ones for flashy celebrations and have instead decided to spend this Valentine’s Day at a local haunt that you both love, you can still look great. Put on your favorite dark skinny jeans, a flowy blouse and our Plush Patra Pump in Khaki. These adorable open toed shoes will give you that little bit of height you like, without being impossible to play a game of darts in.

Staying In For An Intimate Dinner

The idea of staying home to have a nice quiet dinner together is definitely appealing on Valentine’s Day. However, we wouldn’t suggest that you remain in your go-to comfort clothes. After all, those old ratty sweatpants from your sophomore year don’t really scream ‘romance’. Instead, pick out a fitted skirt and pair it with a cardigan and blouse. Then pop on our classic Montana Jones Pumps in Black, and feel great as you sit down to enjoy an intimate night together.

We Love You At Naughty Monkey

Regardless of what you end up wearing, we know you will look absolutely stunning this Valentine’s Day. Yes, even if you opt to take the sweatpants route. Remember that everyday is Valentine’s Day when you love yourself, so find something to make you happy any day of the year at Naughty Monkey Footwear.