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Don’t Sacrifice Fashion For Warmth This Winter

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One of the most annoying parts about being a woman in the winter is that we are constantly having to choose between looking cute and keeping our bodies warm. After all, you spend all day inside at your job, and yet, when there is snow on the ground you have to get dressed in the morning as though you are heading to the North Pole. That is until now. Naughty Monkey is all about utility and fashion combined. We never want the fashionistas who wear our shoes to feel as though they can’t have it all, so we provide it. With the weather changing and winter on its way, you can’t get these boots soon enough. Let’s talk about some of our favorite winter styles!

Arctic in Brown

If you prefer a heel with most of your outfits but you don’t want to have to worry about falling all over the sidewalk every time you step outside, these are the boots for you. With a thick and sturdy heel, you can be sure that your jeans will look great tucked into these phenomenal boots. A rubber sole will also help you keep your balance and composure despite what the weather looks like outside. These boots also come in black.

Walkabout Jane in Taupe

Are your shoes always the part of your outfit that remains your favorite but you hate winter because it doesn’t give you the chance to show off your awesome footwear? These boots are going to change the game for you entirely. A bold print works perfectly with a touch of dark sophisticated leather. Even with a foot of snow on the ground, we guarantee that you will still be getting endless compliments on your shoes and your overall fashion sense!

winterside-page-content-image.jpgOut The Door in Black

They will hate to see you leave but will love to watch you go in these perfect booties for fall and winter. These boots are great because they will transition well throughout the seasons. The thick heel will give you the ability to walk through leaves and snow without any trouble at all!

Deco Stytch in Tan

If you aren’t one for heels in the winter, that doesn’t mean you have to sport enormous snow boots the entire cold season. Instead, switch up your mountain gear for these stylish ladies boot. With intricate stitching and bead work, no amount of snow will be able to upstage your incredible style.

We Have Far More Styles at Naughty Monkey Footwear

If you don’t see anything you like when it comes to the styles above, we have plenty more where those came from. From heeled booties to simple slip on boots, every woman can find a style that suites her and her wardrobe when she shops our online store. Check out our different styles today and find the perfect one for you this winter season when you do! We can’t wait to hear how much you love looking great and staying warm all at the same time!