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Chic Western Footwear For The Winter

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It seems that every month new trends are entering and exiting our fashion periphery. Just when you think you have finally found a look that won’t go out of style, it seems a new look comes along and your old one goes out the window. At Naughty Monkey Footwear, we have thought a lot about the different trends we have seen come and go over the years. However, we discovered that there is one look that seems to comes back season after season, year after year. Sure, you may not have ever realized it, but Western Chic continues to be one of the most common styles that our most popular shoes are made to reflect. Why’s that? We think it has a lot to do with the charm of Western wear. Not to mention, boots with Western features can be dressed up, dressed down, as well as worn at any time of year. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the styles we currently have in stock right now!

Cross My Heart in Tan

If you prefer simple and understated, these classic tan booties with double buckle features will be perfect for you. Not only do these booties look great with skinny jeans, but they also can be paired with some tights and your favorite skirt for a girly meets wild West look. These boots are also great for winter and will likely become your go-to footwear for those snowy days that require you to still look stylish. These boots are also available in taupe!

Deco Stytch in Taupe

If you want to ditch the high heels this winter, but still sport boots with a Western feel, you will love our Deco Stytch boots. With an intricate design made from a combination of beautiful stitching, sequins and studs, these boots have a little bit of everything, perfect for the laid back fashionista whether she is heading to work or on a roadtrip. You can also sport these boots in tan.

Saddle Baggin in Tan

Oh how we love these adorable booties that come equipped with braids, buckles and fringe. You can disguise your heel while gaining a few inches and plenty of confidence. With a bit of a bohemian meets old West, these booties will surely give you confidence regardless of where you are or what you are wearing. Available in taupe as well, be sure to get your pair before we sell out!

Sanchez in Taupe

If you are more interested in sporting styles that are a bit more modern, these booties would make a great addition to your wardrobe. Out of all of our western boot styles, these boots certainly will make you stand out the most. With beading, fringe, fur and studs, you can be sure that no one you know will have footwear this unique. Although, we can guarantee you will get a slew of questions regarding where you bought them. With a three inch heel, you can find the Western style and the eccentricity that you love so much, all in one pair of shoes!