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Known for their mischievous look-at-me-now styles, Southern California-based Naughty Monkey, is a fashion-obsessed footwear company. Since launching in 2004 Naughty Monkey has had everyone clamoring for monkeys from coast to coast. The brand wanted visually stimulating footwear designs that would forever leave a lasting impression on the fashion industry and that also reminded everyone how powerful fashion could be. The purpose of Naughty Monkey to this day, continues on that same quest; to leave behind mundane fashion and to produce quality shoes that refresh every female’s sense of empowerment. This idea can only be appreciated by those who have a little bit of the Naughty Monkey in them.

Naughty Monkey creates something for every shoe lover, from fancy flats and strappy sandals, to wonder wedges and boots of all heights and styles - we’re here to ensure you’re never bored with footwear again.

The Naughty Monkey customer is a fashion innovator, confident in her sense of style: she knows what she wants and what she likes. When she wears something – she owns it. She is funky, edgy yet sophisticated, all with a touch of sweet. Most importantly, the Naughty Monkey customer loves fun, loves fashion and loves life!